• Francesca Farruggio

To start off, social media is constantly changing the way businesses reach their consumers. It has rapidly affected the call center industry while doing so. It’s been found that consumers are less concerned in the quality and quantity of the product, but more in the relationship that they have with the business itself. People want to invest in companies that they trust and know they can count on. Nonetheless, when social media shows that a company thrives on customer feedback, these customers feel more important and ultimately get more invested in the product. There is no better way to portray this than on public sites like Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, and so on. When a prospect is constantly absorbing a strong relationship that the brand has with its consumers, they are more likely to feel safe in pursuing a purchase.

Artificial intelligence technology encourages a more efficient way for companies to streamline their calls. With this technology, consumers can feel self-savvy by solving their problems essentially on their own. If not, their more complicated questions will be directed to professionals trained to fulfill a consumer’s specific needs.

No matter what the product, call centers are guaranteed to get more leads if their customer trusts what they’re saying both online and over the phone. Nowadays, customers are looking for more definitive relationships with brands because of the digital communication advancements that essentially run society.

Along with the newfound digital media platforms, a significant change in the call center industry is the invention of The Cloud. The rise of remote call center agents where employees can take their work mobile through cloud communications not only increases the amount of closings, but also helps companies save on workplace expenses.

The ability to analyze data is very important. More so, it is how you can learn what is working versus what isn’t working in order to help your company grow. With today’s technology, you can easily record data such as call and screen recordings, chats, and SMS messages amongst your staff, in addition to your consumers. Manual observation takes way too much time and effort for the satisfactory outcomes it endorses. With that, data analytics will continuously advance as technology creates new ways to become more efficient.

These technological advancements greatly benefit the company from a managerial standpoint. Due to the efficient ways of analyzing data, managers have more timely and official updates on their employee’s progress. With that, the feedback is more beneficial, as it is valuable.

Lastly, providing consumers with an FAQ section on your website or media platform will no doubt draw in a greater audience. People like being able to tell when a brand can see that its customers might need timely assistance with its product. Therefore, this allows the relationship between brand and consumers to build, even without a direct conversation between them.