• Francesca Farruggio

Investing in “super agents,” those who are trained to answer all of a customer’s questions at once instead of directing them to multiple employees, saves time and also leads a customer to stay on the phone and invest in the product. Though these “super agents” entail more training, better wages and craftsmanship results in higher-quality service and drives value into business. Prudently train these agents with incentive to want to advance in the company. Enforce the possibility of moving jobs overseas.

Efficiently give your customers timely, personalized and simpler customer service with immediate solutions to their problem. Generously provide your customers the ability to solve their own problems with self service options.

Willingly know your target audience in order to build character personas of your buyers and engagers. Personally understand why customers will choose you rather than your competitors. Strategically gather insights about your audience and step into their shoes when you enter the customer journey. Humbly use customer feedback to gain an in-depth understanding of what customers want and what they don’t need.

Professionally enforce call center standards for service operations outlining a clear and definite set of call center standards. Strategically set guidelines for the conversations to avoid a sense of robotic or monotonous nature while also remaining welcoming.