• Francesca Farruggio

Infrastructure is a significant part of building a telecommunication campaign, as you must have all the right tools to build a prosperous relationship. Marketing automation systems have become an essential part of establishing a list of prospects whom you can now cold-call. These are the candidates that have shown the most interest and are most likely to follow through with a sale.

The target list of candidates with whom you reach out to regarding your product must represent quality over quantity. Don’t waste time chasing invalid email addresses or non-profile-consistent prospects. You will waste more time trying to communicate with unreachable persons than if you take the time to establish a plausible list.

Have a strong introduction by greeting the prospect properly and addressing them by their full name. Include the most admissible information with relevance to your company such as it’s identity, products and services. Graciously state the purpose of your call and appreciation of their time, as the duration is a significant aspect of the call. You must also leave room in the conversation for questions and improvisation.

To overcome any objections whatsoever, the agent must carefully interpret, isolate and outweigh them. It helps to anticipate the most common objections and provide agents with the appropriate information to address them.

In closing, if the prospect is interested, the agent should thank him or her for their time and consideration, and set up a convenient time to speak with a sales representative. To tighten the prospect’s commitment level before disengaging the call the agent should obtain any pertinent information needed. Finally, the agent may politely request feedback from the client in order to improve future sales.

Keep track of your progress, collecting daily reports and keeping key people up-to-date. Make sure all relevant parties have access to the information collected. This empowers the team as a whole and allows everyone to collaborate while working towards the same goal; a successful telemarketing campaign.