• Fort Worth, TX

Prospect America is a lead generation company that calls on small business with the purpose to qualify a business owner or employee on whether or not they are a prospect for our clients.

Job Description

It is the Call Center Sales Agent’s job to call on small businesses. Prospect America provides everything you need to be successful, including, on the job training and who to contact.

We pay an hourly rate, plus commission and we are looking to develop our sales reps into leadership positions at Prospect America. We would give you training and people to call. Your job is to use our script to identify potential clients that want to reduce their cost of health insurance. We will give you all the tools and training to be successful. If you are interested, click through and talk to our automated recruiting chatbot. If you are a good fit, you can have a job offer in 48-72 hours.

Your path to Growth & Development

We measure your success and as you grow, we offer a variety of promotional opportunities to further develop you as a professional. As you succeed we grow your commissions, so that you earn more. We also look to promote our caller agents into account and relationship managers.

Call Center Sales Agent Responsibilities

Making phone calls. We provide you with phone numbers to dial and a script to read from when interacting with the potential client.


  • Time management skills
  • Ability to talk on the phone
  • Ability to be persuasive

How it Works

  • We offer you Telemarketing sales training
  • We give you contacts of people that have expressed interest in our client’s services
  • We give you a script to read
  • You contact the lead and qualify them to make sure they are a potential buyer
  • You get paid a guaranteed hourly rate plus your rate increase with the amount of leads you qualify per hour on average
  • Our best reps make $25 dollars an hour and earn $3,000 to $4,000 a month
  • Everyone starts at $7.25, but you can move up on your first week

More About Prospect America

We are a global provider of outsourced contact center services to companies worldwide and deliver customer service for international market leaders. We deliver exceptional customer service and technical support for the Insurance and Healthcare industries. Our low-risk solutions enable great service that answers our clients’ needs.