• Francesca Farruggio

Call center agents might have over a hundred conversations per day. For each, they’ll have a checklist of specific tasks they must perform, such as starting with the correct greeting, asking the required questions and entering relevant data from the call. Each call is an opportunity for agents to either improve their efficiency, or learn from their mistakes. Call center agents have more such opportunities per hour than those in most other occupations have in a week.

In addition to the skills you will develop, a benefit to being an agent is that call center jobs use a set of skills which, to many people, come naturally: for example, being a “people person,” solving problems and communicating well.

While improving these natural skills, the future earnings potential at a call center is higher than those at similar jobs. One of the first questions most job seekers ask is, “How much will this job pay?” Glassdoor.com shows entry-level call center positions averaging between $12 and $14 an hour nationally. A comparable industry job seekers may be considering is retail sales; however, another Glassdoor.com search found retail sales starting positions in the $8 to $14 range. You could initially be making more money in a call center than in retail sales.

Call centers are also underestimated for their reliable career advancement opportunities. Agents who are able to stay focused and motivated typically get promoted: first, to the position of “lead agent,” then to supervisor and, potentially, beyond. Lead agents usually have at least one year of experience, and are expected to assist their team of a dozen or so agents when they have questions. This is key in developing and mastering managerial skills for future job opportunities.

Contrary to popular belief, the industry is not a monotonous place where people only go to work to answer calls. Some people would think that there is little to no interaction between peers at work, but the reality is that the teams and accounts develop a tight-knit friendship between its members. Working in a call center is never boring, every call is a different challenge, a different opportunity to help someone address a need.

Another significant benefit to working in a call center is having a work-life balance. While most rest days differ from one account to another, being a part of a call center assures that you will never have to bring your workload home.

In addition, being a progressive and fast growing industry, call centers are known to provide superb compensation packages. They make sure their employees feel secure and safe by providing benefits that would address employee concerns and worries, as well as a competitive salary package for their needs.